Editor at Maker Studios, specifically Polaris. Anime & manga lover, specifically Kuroko no Basuke. Also reviewer on YouTube
Abuser of capslock and obsessor of skinny caramel lattes. And otters, specifically the cute kind.
So basically all otters.

Hey Erin. I don't drink caramel lattes, am only mildly interested in otters, and have not signed up for Crunchyroll. Can we not not be non-friends?

I’m not good with the triple negatives, so I’m going to say what I always say when I don’t understand a question: yes.

Though your otter interest level needs to be improved, I offer you this gif of mario sexy dancing as a sign of acceptance of our friendship.


though if you were actually telling me you didn’t want to be my friend I just made things really awkward i’m sorry.

✂   Fukuo